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A Warehouse is used to store items or resources. There are in total four different types of Warehouses: Warehouse and Large Warehouse which are available from the beginning of the game and Warehouse II as well as Large Warehouse II. The latter can be researched in the Laboratory and offer some improvements over the basic versions.

Items inside can be accessed by the player via connectors or by other buildings like Stations and Mines if the warehouse is within the radius of influence of the respective building.

The contents of a warehouse cannot directly be accessed by an AI business even if it is inside the influence radius of the warehouse.


Name Picture Attributes
Warehouse Warehouse.png
Price: 26.500$
Dimensions: 4×3×3
Storage Capacity (items) [1]: 58
Loading Speed (items/sec): 1.7
Large Warehouse Large warehouse.png
Price: 46.500$
Dimensions: 5×4×3
Storage Capacity (items) [1]: 115
Loading Speed (items/sec): 1.7
Warehouse II Warehouse II.png
Price: 39.500$
Dimensions: 4×3×3
Storage Capacity (items) [1]: 86
Loading Speed (items/sec): 2.3
Large Warehouse II Large warehouse II.png
Price: 69.500$
Dimensions: 5×4×3
Storage Capacity (items) [1]: 172
Loading Speed (items/sec): 2.3
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 See explanation on storage capacity below

Storage Capacity[]

The storage capacity of warehouses is given by a maximum weight value that can be stored. Each item in the game has an attribute weight such that in theory different maximum numbers are possible for each item in the game. As of version 0.85.1, however, all the items in the original game have a weight of 1.75 such that the storage capacity can equivalently be given as a maximum number of items.