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This template takes a single parameter and provides a link to something accompanied by a 40px image of it. For this template to work, there must be a png image with the same name of the page you are trying to link to.

Optional parameters can change this behavior but are for most use cases unneeded.




{{ItemLink|Copper ore}} Copper ore

{{ItemLink|Alloy smelter}} Alloy smelter

{{ItemLink|Unknown item}} Unknown item


  • 1 is the main and only mandatory parameter. The template will add content equivalent to <span style="white-space:nowrap;">[[File:1.png|x40px|link=1|alt=]] [[1]]</span>.
  • image if specified will change the image used. Note that file extension must be specified if using this parameter.
  • link if specified will change the link target on the image and link.
  • size if specified will change the size of the associated image.
  • text if specified will change the display text of the link, but not the link target