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This is an infobox for use on building pages.


{{Infobox building
| name = 
| image = 
| description = 
| category = 
| category2 = 
| produces = 
| cost = 
| size_width = 
| size_length = 
| size_height = 


Parameter Data type Description
name string The building's name as it appears in-game.
image string The image to be used for the building, including the extension but not including File: or the brackets. For example, to use File:Generic mine.png, you'd use Generic mine.png.
description wikitext The building's description as it appears in-game.
category string The building's main category, such as mining facilities, terminals, etc.
category2 string The building's secondary category, if applicable.
produces wikitext What the building produces, such as iron ore. Wikitext is available in this field so it can be formatted while allowing for multiple items.
cost integer The building's cost. $ will be automatically added. Commas should not currently be used.
size_width integer The building's width, in cubes.
size_length integer The building's length, in cubes.
size_height integer The building's height, in cubes


Copper mine
Generic mine.png
Category Mining facilities
Produces Copper ore
Cost ?
Width 6
Length 6
{{Infobox building
| name = Copper mine
| image = Generic mine.png
| category = Mining facilities
| produces = {{ItemLink|Copper ore}}
| cost = 
| size_width = 6
| size_length = 6
| size_height =