Voxel Tycoon Wiki

Roads are naturally built by cities over time as they grow, but they can also be placed by the player.

Roads are 3 tiles wide (15 meters) and 3 tiles tall.

Building roads[]

Regular roads[]

Select the Road category at the bottom of the screen, then the "build roads" tool.

Click anywhere (free of other buildings/objects) and click elsewhere: the game will automatically place roads to connect the two points.


You can make road tunnels by pressing **T** when building a road.

Adjust the depth of the tunnel by pressing **Z** and **X**.

Tunnels cannot make turns.


You can make road bridges by pressing **B** when building a road.

Adjust the height of the bridge by pressing **Z** and **X**.

Press **N** to change the type of bridge if you've unlocked more types via the Research.

Bridges cannot make turns.