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Researching is done to unlock more technologies for your company. This includes new vehicles, the abilities to process new materials or manufacture more valuable products. Most researches require other researches to be completed in order to be accessible. Some researches are completed by default when starting a new game. The official goal of the game, the Computing Devices research, is the final research of the research tree.

Internally, researching is ordered by tiers which determine the base cost, base duration and base number of items needed. The research tiers have no influence on whether one research is a prerequisite for another.

The cost increases with game duration when inflation is turned on.

Researching Tree[]

Researching Tree (click to enlarge)

Research Table[]

Name Tier Cost ($) Needed Items Duration (days) Unlocks Requires Prerequisite for Unlocked by default
Research & Development 0 Manufacturing, Rails, Roads, Mining, Researching, Storages, Steam engine Yes
Signals 2 Pre-Semaphore


Rails Signals II Yes
Rails 1 Depot

Freight station (Rail)
Passenger station
Arc bridge (Rail)
Concrete tunnel (Rail)

Research & development Rails II, Signals, Railcars Yes
Roads 1 Bus stop

Double bus stop
Freight station (Road)
Arc bridge (Road)
Concrete tunnel (Road)

Research & development Roads II Yes
Mining 1 Coal mine

Iron mine

Research & development Mining II Yes
Researching 1 Laboratory Research & development Researching II Yes
Storages 1 Large warehouse


Research & development Storages II Yes
Railcars 2 Boxcar

Hopper Car
Open Car
Open Hopper Car
Passenger Car
Platform Car
Stake Car

Rails Railcars II Yes
Gasoline Engine 2 AA Truck (Box)

AA Truck (Flatbed)
AAA Truck
PAZ 651

Steam engine Gasoline engine II Yes
Steam Engine 2 C17 class

Class O

Research & development Gasoline engine, Steam engine II Yes
Manufacturing 1 83,250 45 Conveyor

Elevated conveyor
Underground conveyor

Research & development Wood processing, Iron smelting, Manufacturing II No
Wood Processing 2 140,250 Wood (275) 55 Circular saw

Wood beam
Wood plank

Manufacturing Woodworking No
Stone Processing 2 140,250 Stone (275) 55 Crusher

Stone brick

Manufacturing II Concrete production No
Iron Smelting 2 140,250 Iron ore (275) 55 Alloy smelter

Iron bar

Manufacturing Steel smelting, Copper smelting, Metal fabrication No
Copper Smelting 3 270,000 Copper ore (450) 75 Copper bar Iron smelting Electronics production No
Glass Production 3 270,000 Sand (450) 75 Glass furnace

Glass pane
Glass tube

Manufacturing II No
Rails II 3 270,000 Stone (450) 75 Depot II

Freight station II (Rail)
Passenger station II
Beam bridge (Rail)

Rails Signals II, Rails III, Railcars II No
Signals II 3 270,000 75 Pre-Signal


Rails II, Signals No
Mining II 3 270,000 Wood beam (450) 75 Copper mine

Sand quarry
Stone quarry

Mining No
Manufacturing II 3 270,000 Iron bar (450) 75 Manufacturing Glass production, Woodworking, Stone processing, Metal fabrication, Manufacturing III No
Roads II 3 270,000 Stone (300) 75 Bus stop II

Double bus stop II
Freight station II (Road)
Garage II
Beam bridge (Road)

Roads No
Heavy Diesel Engine 3 270,000 75 2M62 Diesel engine No
Gasoline Engine II 3 270,000 Iron ore (450) 75 L10 (Box)

L10 (Flatbed)
L10 (Stake)

Gasoline engine Diesel engine No
Steam Engine II 3 270,000 Coal (450) 75 GS-4

Light Mikado

Steam engine No
Steel Smelting 4 500,000 Iron bar (700) 100 Steel bar Iron smelting Steel fabrication No
Electronics Production 4 500,000 Copper bar (700) 100 Copper wire Copper smelting, Metal fabrication Electronics production II No
Concrete Production 4 500,000 Gravel (700) 100 Concrete beam

Concrete mixer
Reinforced concrete beam

Stone processing No
Storages II 4 500,000 Wood beam (700) 100 Large warehouse II

Warehouse II

Storages No
Railcars II 4 500,000 Iron bar (700) 100 Boxcar II

Hopper Car II
Open Car II
Open Hopper Car II
Passenger Car II
Platform Car II
Stake Car II

Rails II, Railcars No
Diesel Engine 4 500,000 Iron bar (700) 100 ChME3

KiHa 58
LP 1620
LP 1620
LP 1620
New Look
Victory MK2

Gasoline engine II Heavy diesel engine, Diesel engine II No
Heavy Diesel Engine II 4 500,000 100 2TE116

Fm C-liner Santa Fe

Diesel engine II No
Woodworking 5 945,000 Wood plank (1080) 135 Carpentry

Wood frame

Manufacturing II, Wood processing Woodworking II No
Electronics Production II 5 945,000 Copper wire (1080) 135 Circuit

Electronics assembler
Vacuum tube

Manufacturing III, Electronics production Electronic devices production No
Metal Fabrication 5 945,000 Iron bar (1080) 135 Iron parts

Iron plate

Manufacturing II, Iron smelting Electronics production, Steel fabrication No
Rails III 5 945,000 Steel bar (1080) 135 Truss bridge Rails II No
Manufacturing III 5 945,000 Steel bar (1080) 135 Manufacturing II Electronics production II No
Researching II 5 945,000 Circuit (1080) 135 Laboratory II Researching No
Diesel Engine II 5 945,000 Iron bar (1080)

Copper wire (675)

135 CC 72000

Class 25
Class 55
DB Class 218
DB Class V 200
L 8000 (Box)
L 8000 (Dump)
L 8000 (Flatbed)
L 8000 (Stake)

Diesel engine Diesel engine III, Heavy diesel engine II, Electric engine No
Heavy Electric Engine 5 945,000 135 VL80 Electric engine No
Woodworking II 6 1,813,000 Wood plank (1665)

Glass pane (1110)

185 Advanced furniture

Advanced wood frame

Woodworking No
Electronic Devices Production 6 1,813,000 Copper wire (1665)

Circuit (1110)

185 Radio


Electronics production II Computing devices No
Steel Fabrication 6 1,813,000 Steel bar (1665) 185 Steel beam Metal fabrication, Steel smelting No
Diesel Engine III 6 1,813,000 Steel bar (1665)

Copper wire (1110)

185 82 class

Box semi-trailer
CK 95
Class 66
Dump semi-trailer
Flatbed semi-trailer
GE Genesis
Lion's City
Logging semi-trailer

Diesel engine II No
Electric Engine 6 1,813,000 Iron bar (1665)

Circuit (1110)

185 ChS2

DB Class 423

Diesel engine II Electric engine II, Heavy electric engine No
Heavy Electric Engine II 6 1,813,000 185 E5K


Electric engine II No
Electric Engine II 7 3,437,500 Steel bar (2500)

Circuit (1750)

250 BR 146

Class 1044
Class 193
DB Regio Train

Electric engine Heavy electric engine II No
Computing Devices 9 12,105,000 Circuit (5850)

Copper wire (4500)
TV (3600)
Radio (2250)

450 Electronic devices production No