Voxel Tycoon Wiki

Modding is one of the key features in Voxel Tycoon.

Modding Tips[]

One of the most common issues is the difference between file path used in the "Uri" section of mod files and the use of uppercase characters in filenames.

As "Uri" file paths only work with lowercase characters, if you use entirely uppercase filenames for all the files and file paths of your mod, you will receive a warning message that the game cannot load the asset, as the code will convert the part of the file to a lowercase name.

Don't name files like this! They won't work!
Four files, all using uppercase filenames.
Code showing a file path of "base/DIESEL_BOX_TRUCK_1.obj"
Error message showing Can't load asset due to unknown asset uri DIESEL_BOX_TRUCK_1.obj"

If you enter a lowercase file path, such as "MeshUri": "myfirstmod/myfirstmod.obj", but you use an upper and lowercase filename, such as MyFirstMod.obj, then on a Windows operating system, your mod will work as it considers the file path using lowercase characters relates to the same file.

However, a unix or unix-like system, which includes MacOS, treats files using uppercase and lowercase characters as different files, so "MyFirstMod.obj" and "myfirstmod.obj" are two different files.

Therefore, you should only ever use lowercase letters when naming files.