Voxel Tycoon Wiki

Mining facilities are used to mine the various natural resources found in the game which are needed as a raw material to produce higher level goods. Mines have to be placed on a deposit.


Mine Image Resource
Coal Mine Coal mine.png Coal
Copper Mine Copper mine.png Copper ore
Iron Mine Iron mine.png Iron ore
Sand quarry Sand quarry.png Sand
Sawmill Sawmill2.png Wood
Stone Quarry Stone quarry.png Stone


  • As of version 0.85.1 all mines have an output rate of 0.25 items/s, that is every mine will produce one item every 4 seconds.
  • Multiple mines can be placed on one deposit so make sure to place the mines optimally
  • Mining facilities can directly load into a Warehouse within their sphere of influence without using Conveyors
  • Connectors can also be used to transport items from mining facilities