Voxel Tycoon Wiki
Used to filter items in conveyors
Category Conveyors
Cost $5,000
Width 1
Length 1
Height 1

The Filter is used to filter items in conveyors.

Unlike the Connector, the filter ports cannot be flipped to change its colour or function.

The filter has 3 ports, each with a colour and a function.

  • Blue 🔵 - Input Items
  • Green 🟢 - Output Selected Items
  • Orange 🟠 - Output Unwanted Items

Quick example on how a filter works:

  • On the Blue gate, you will input of the items you have (coal and wood)
  • The item you select on the filter will come out of the Green gate(the wood)
  • The "unwanted items" (or in this example, the coal) will come out through the Orange gate

Filter Example.png