Voxel Tycoon Wiki

Players often have the same questions when playing for the first time. This Frequently Asked Questions page should answer the most common of these.

Very common questions[]

  • Check the bottom right corner for context-relevant keys.
  • A rail with one signal will only let trains pass one way. In order to make a two-way track, there needs to be signals on both sides of the same rail.
  • If the UI has disappeared, press F1.
  • At the moment, you cannot make level crossings (rail and road crossing), diagonal bridges/tunnels, and turns in tunnels/bridges.


The most commonly used controls are below. Here is a list of all known controls.

  • QWEASD: Move camera
  • Ctrl+WASD or Middle mouse button: Rotate camera
  • Alt: Toggle extra info (this can be configured with the button in the top left
  • Hold Shift: Build multiple of the same building/vehicle/wagon
  • Ctrl+Alt+C: Turn on cheat mode (then right click money/research/demands)


If you are having trouble with signals, check this video by TKH or read the Signals Guide when it is added.

A common problem is when trains block themselves. If a train is waiting at a signal forever, make sure the block in front of the signal doesn't connect to the block behind it.