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Alloy smelter
Alloy smelter.png
Category Factories
Produces Iron Bar, Copper Bar, Steel Bar
Cost $25,500
Width 2
Length 3
Height 2

The alloy smelter is one of the first Factories unlocked in Voxel Tycoon. The Alloy Smelter requires an input of raw ore in addition to coal to be used to complete the recipe. The Alloy Smelter can be set up to input and output in any of the conveyor belts and their direction of travel changed with the relevant tool in the user interface.

Based on the 1.25 items/s (75 items/m) conveyor transfer rate:

It takes 5 Alloy Smelters to fully consume a Copper Ore belt and saturate a Copper Bar belt.

It takes 8 Alloy Smelters to fully consume an Iron Ore belt and saturate an Iron Bar belt.

It takes 19 Alloy Smelters to fully consumer and Iron Bar belt and saturate a Steel Bar belt.


Recipe Formula Time
Iron Ingot x1 Coal + x5 Iron Ore → x5 Iron Bar 30s
Copper Ingot x1 Coal + x5 Copper Ore → x5 Copper Bar 20s
Steel Ingot x1 Coal + x2 Iron Bar → x2 Steel Bar 30s